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Quotes of the Saints - Five saints have a message for you on this Thanksgiving holiday

If you are an American, today is Thanksgiving. Hopefully today you have made a point to attend Mass and to give thanks to God for all His blessings. If you are not American, today's holiday is a reminder that God deserves thanks from all His creation. We pray you will join us in giving thanks to God today. Here are 5 inspirational quotes from our holy saints who wanted to share with you the importance of being thankful.

The Truth about Thanksgiving

Though Thanksgiving is a secular holiday, it is most assuredly NOT a secularist Holiday. Secularism as an ideology seeks to exclude religious influence and the values informed by religious faith from our common life. This American holiday called Thanksgiving has a profoundly religious core. So too does the American experiment. The Declaration of Independence, the Birth Certificate of the United States of America proclaimed:

Pope Francis: 'Please be pacifists'

During his conversation with journalists on his flight back to Rome from his recent pastoral visit to Bahrain, Pope Francis shared his thoughts on many of the world's current human-made tragedies -- including today's numerous armed conflicts which reminded him of the World War II Allied military landings at Normandy, France.

How many Apostles were there? - More than 12...

Most people believe they know about the Apostles, the Twelve men, called by Christ to evangelize. But if you ask anyone to name them, you will get a variety of answers. Most can't come up with twelve names, and others come up with different names for the 12. Why the confusion? The answer may surprise you!

How did the California Missions support themselves?

The California Missions were 21 churches established by the Franciscan order in what was called "Alta California" between 1769 and 1833. Their purpose was to evangelize the Indigenous people and serve as outposts at the distant edge of the Spanish Empire. However, so far from Spain, these missions had to be self-sufficient. How did they do it?

Pope Francis' advice for 'a more mature and beautiful relationship with the Lord'

Pope Francis offered advice on Wednesday for building "a more mature and more beautiful relationship with the Lord" through prayer.

What do you know about Saint Mark?

12 Apostles Journey - St.Mark

Pope Francis: Light Candles of Hope in the Midst of Darkness

On the World Day of the Poor, Pope Francis encouraged Christians to not be brought down by the "doom and gloom" of the world, but to witness to the joy of the Gospel through service to those in need.

Veterans Day: Prayer for all veterans to find peace and healing

Veterans who return home from war often find they now face a whole new battle. They are left to heal from both the physical, mental and spiritual wounds they received during their time overseas.

Would you give your talents to follow the Twelve?

Starting this October, Catholic Online School is honoring the 12 Apostle Heroes who gave everything they had to follow Jesus. Like the Apostles, we are called to follow Jesus. But what does that really mean? How can we follow Jesus in our ordinary lives? It is both easier and harder than people think.