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Pope Francis' June Prayer Intentions

The choice is fitting, since families from around the world will gather in Rome later this month for the World Meeting of Families on June 22-26. The pope's prayer intention in May was young people.

Please! Don't pull up the ladder behind you!

It's an important theme in Christianity and in all major religions and ethical systems. If you enjoy the benefit of a ladder, don't pull it up behind you!

Look to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

On the first day of June, Pope Francis urged Catholics to look to the Sacred Heart of Jesus as a source of love and to bring Christ's love "to the ends of the earth."

Archbishop Vigano drops a bombshell everyone MUST READ

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano recently spoke about a series of issues confronting humanity. The words he shared are alarming because they expose a plot to undermine society as we know it. His comments demand respectful consideration, and wise reaction. Fortunately, there are wise and prudent steps people can take.

Justin the Martyr is a Model for Our Mission

One has only to open social media or any other source of news to discover the obvious. Our Society is in a serious moral decline. Many refer to it as a new pagan age. I prefer to say we are living in a Pre-Christian age. I long ago stopped participating in the ongoing debate about whether this is a post-Christian or post-modernist age.

To honor the lost: A brief history of Memorial Day

Memorial Day is fast approaching and for many people it happens to be a day off work. Trips have been planned and parties organized, yet many people forget that Memorial Day is not intended to be an occasion of jubilation. Memorial Day has always been intended to serve as a day to remember those who died in war.

Facing one major hurdle to your ranch-to-table beef

Despite many benefits of pastured livestock, a major hurdle exists for farmers working on a small, sustainable scale to bring their products to consumers' plates: a lack of independent processing and distribution infrastructure. The lack of facilities is a major logistical and financial challenge for small farmers; and many point to processing costs as one of their biggest expenses. Visit the Montana Ranch and Cattle Company

Abortion's brutal hidden truth

During one of the many nonviolent, prayerful pro-life/anti-abortion demonstrations I participated in, a woman stopped her car, got out, pointed to the large gruesome poster I was holding, and emotionally asked. "What is that?" I told her it was an actual photo of a dismembered aborted unborn baby. With surprise and horror, she said, "Is that what abortion is?"

The Good News Among the Bad

In times like these, we ask: is there any good news among all the bad?

Pray for victims of Texas elementary school shooting

Pope Francis said on Wednesday that his heart was broken by the killing of at least 19 children and two adults at an elementary school in Texas.