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From the Moderator's Desk

St. Alphonsus-St. Clement Parish News June 2024
By Fr. Terry Kerner, Administrator/Moderator
The past two years have seen dramatic physical changes and improvements to our parish campus. Besides the razing of the schools and related buildings, numerous other projects have been addressed as well. Among oth-er things, a new roof on Yagley Hall, church electrical wiring, stained glass, church bells, leaky roof and a struggling organ were all given the attention they needed. As any homeowner knows, there is always something that needs attention at any given time. Our stately buildings are no exception to the rule. Our thanks to several parishioners who have stepped up and covered the costs of some of our needed improvements. Their gener-osity is exceptional. Also, supporters of the annual Catholic Services Appeal (CSA) generated a return of $29,751. The "over our target" funds were applied to church roof repair. All of this giving is significant in that it speaks of our parishioners' dedication and just where we are now!
We are in a good place. We’re now able to enjoy an expanded, well-lit, safe parking lot. We look forward to the City's collaboration providing new sidewalks. Now that the footprint of the new lot has been established, the design of the necessary fencing will be determined. After the cost of the parking lot, this is the most expensive item we can anticipate. We are looking for some well-heeled alumni or business to underwrite the cost! A statue of our Lady of Fatima will find a place near the southwest corner (gym site) of the campus. (Muslims have a devotion to Our Lady of Fatima and we hope to share ours with theirs.) On the former site of the high school stands the cornerstone from 1921 and the newly restored flagpole donated by the class of 1942--the first to have graduates in WW II. Devotional areas honoring priests, religious and parishioners who have served the parish over the decades will be created with memorial bricks and landscaping. A Way of the Cross will eventu-ally find a home on the site of the elementary school.
We are going forward! With the Archdiocesan endorsement they have recognized the priority of Catholic mis-sion over money. As much as the commercial value of the property is, our Catholic presence is priceless. The property has been dedicated to the evangelization of the Catholic Faith for 172 years. St. Alphonsus - St. Clement church stands amid the highest Muslim concentration in North America. We have been given the op-portunity to witness our Faith in a most dramatic and inspiring way. Some of the most extraordinary statements of Faith are spoken in the stunning architecture of a few one-hundred-year-old Detroit churches. We are in the same magnificent class as them!

Where We’re At  - May 4, 2024 - by Fr. Terry Kerner, Administrator/Moderator

It looks like we are pretty much on schedule for the creation of a new parking lot! Work, probably, will begin this coming week, which means parking in Fr. Yagley’s parking lot is a necessity. Construction is estimated to take 3-4 weeks. Improved lighting will also be coming once DTE approves the plan. The new lot will afford additional parking and a greater accommodation for the handicapped. The temporary fence, needed for demolition, has been removed and no doubt folks might be seen crossing across the newly seeded lawns. We need to be understanding and come to appreciate the patience our neighbors have exhibited during the months of demolition. Our neighborhood only works when everyone works together. Hopefully good things lay ahead for this part of Dearborn.
In the next week or two, you will be receiving the annual Catholic Services Appeal request for your contribution. It is an important request. Not only does it help support the many works of the Archdiocese, but also allows us an opportunity to raise extra cash for Parish improvement. Last year’s drive collected over $27K above and beyond our target. The money remained in the Parish and was used for repair of our Church roof and needed electrical updates in the Church. This year’s monies, above the target, can be used to help with the new parking lot, needed fencing and landscaping. The Parish has not really had a capital campaign in a long time. The annual CSA gives us a timely and significant manner for raising funds. Contributions, from former parishioners and our many alumni, will help a great deal. No matter what you can afford to give, will be appreciated and used wisely. On a final note, our longtime parish bookkeeper is retiring and we are looking for a replacement. The position is part time and some of the work can be done from home. It interested or can recommend someone, give the parish office a call at 581-5218 Ext. 3.
Be well and enjoy God’s Blessings!

Where We’re At  - April 21, 2024 - by Fr. Terry Kerner, Administrator/Moderator

The Archdiocese has endorsed our plan for the new parking lot and enhanced lighting.  With the cooperation of DTE and the City of Dearborn, we hope to start work by the end of this month.  Completion of the project, we hope to see, by the end of May.  Certainly, with the work, will come inconvenience and we hope folks will take advantage of the parking around Fr. Yagley Hall.  A new parking lot is not inexpensive and we will be withdrawing from our savings to cover the costs.  At the same time, we are encouraging support for the annual CSA beginning in May.  Last year, parishioners were very generous and allowed up to apply monies received, above our target, to be applied to the work on the lower roof of the Church.  Certainly, donations above and beyond the CSA are welcome!

Our flagpole, which stands on the site of the old high school, has been reconditioned with the intent of flying “Old Glory” once again.  This effort, has been made possible, with the donation by longtime  parishioner, Frank Palmeri.  Frank is a veteran and a patriot and we thank him for his effort.  We look forward to a rededication of the flagpole around Memoria Day, assuming the parking lot work is completed.  Thank you Frank for your generosity.

Parking is not the only work to be done on the new campus.  Fencing, landscaping and devotional settings are also planned for in the months ahead.  Certainly, what is planned will be attractive for parishioners and visitors to the parish.  One event, being planned for, is Dearborn’s Homecoming.  The weekend will be celebrating Masses and outdoor receptions at St. Alphonsus-St. Clement Church.  The weekend will also afford the opportunity to open the time capsules, retrieved from the demolition of the elementary school and the activities building.  The following weekend, August 11, we have been asked to host a visit from the “Mass Mob”, a movement of Catholics who appreciate attending Mass in historic and significant churches in the Archdiocese.  The attendance usually includes hundreds of reverent and generous worshipers. 

All in all, a lot is happening and planned for in our Parish.  Please encourage family and former parishioners to come home and celebrate with us.