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CSA 2022

Thank you to those who have already made a 2022 CSA pledge as this ensures we Fuel the Mission to witness Christ as His disciples. Fr. Kerner & Fr. Deters are asking the remaining parishioners to join them in contributing to this year’s Catholic Services Appeal. Any gifts we receive over our target will be returned to the parish in full without assessment. If, however, we do not meet this target, we will have to make up the shortfall from our general fund.

Each year, we have the opportunity to unleash the Gospel through our Catholic Services Appeal. The valuable ministries, programs, and services funded by our CSA benefit so many in our parish and across the Archdiocese of Detroit and beyond. Our Catholic Services Appeal funds more than 170 ministries, programs, and services that ensure we Fuel the Mission to witness Christ as His disciples. When we support the CSA, together we Fuel the Mission to unleash the Gospel. We invite all parishioners to reflect on God’s blessings in their lives and make a pledge to our 2022 CSA as Christ’s disciples.

Thank you to those who have already made a 2022 CSA pledge.

Parish Target: $41,346.00
Pledged as of February 27: $40,000.66
Amount to Meet Target: $1345.34

Over Target Budget $25,500.00
Amount Required $26,845.34
Contributors:  107 out of 434

Over the last six years, the parish has exceeded its CSA target each year by an average of $26,237 per year. Our goal in this year’s budget is to exceed the CSA Target by $25,500 and use the excess funds for enhanced church and green space parking. When the $41,346 parish target is exceeded, 100% of every dollar contributed to the CSA comes back to the parish without assessment (that is, tax-free) and does not increase next year’s target. We are grateful to the 24% of the households that have contributed to the CSA. Prayerfully consider making a CSA pledge if you have not done so yet. Please contact the Parish Office if you need a pledge card or help. You may also pledge your gift to our parish campaign by giving online at May 15th is the donation deadline.

Thank you again for helping to Fuel the Mission to witness Christ.

CSA 2022 Video and Message from Archbishop Vigneron


CSA 2022 | Main Video + AHV Message · English from Archdiocese of Detroit on Vimeo.